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Dog Approved People Food

1. Peanut Butter: (Most dog’s favorite treat!)​
  • Great source of protein

  • Contains: heart healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E

  • Choose raw, unsalted peanut butter

*  BE SURE: there is NO ‘sugar-free’ or ‘lite’ peanut butter that has artificial sweetener (aka xylitol), which is toxic to dogs

2. Cooked Chicken
  • Slip into your dog’s bowl with your dog’s regular food to add extra protein and flavor to diet

* Can be used to replace a meal (if you’re out of dog food)

3. Baby Carrots
  • Great for your dog’s teeth

  • Low in calorie and high in fiber and beta carotene/vitamin A

4. Yogurt
  • Yogurts with active bacteria, work as a probiotic - Great for your dog’s digestive system

  • High in calcium and protein

* BE SURE: to only choose yogurts that do not contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars

  • Yogurts with active bacteria, work as a probiotic - Great for your dog’s digestive system

  • High in calcium and protein

* BE SURE: to only choose yogurts that do not contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars

4. Yogurt:
5. Salmon
  • Great source of omega 3 fatty acids – keeps your dog’s coat healthy and shiny – also, supports your dog’s immune system

  • Feed your dog cooked salmon

* Add salmon oil to the food bowl or slip in some of your unwanted fish skins

6. Pumpkin
  • Great source of fiber and beta-carotene/Vitamin A

  • Mostly recommended to feed your dogs unsalted, roasted and then grounded

  • Helps keep the GI tract moving and aids with digestive issues

7. Eggs
  • Great protein boost to your dog’s diet

      - Scramble up an egg and slip into your dogs bowl

  • Contain easily digestible riboflavin, and selenium, making eggs a healthy snack

* BE SURE: to cook eggs – do not serve raw

8. Green Beans
  • Great treat for your dog

  • Low in calories and are filling

  • Choose beans that have no added salt

9. Apple Slices
  • Great source of fiber as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin C

  • Apple slices help clean the residue off your dog’s teeth

  • * BE SURE: to take the seeds and core before feeding it to your dog

  • Apple sauce is also a great alternative to treat your dog

10. Oatmeal
  • Great source of soluble fiber

* Especially beneficial for senior dogs with bowel irregularity issues

  • Works as an alternate grain for dogs that are allergic to wheat

* Make sure the oatmeal is cooked

11. Pasta & Rice
  • Great source of soluble fiber

* Especially beneficial for senior dogs with bowel irregularity issues

  • Works as an alternate grain for dogs that are allergic to wheat

* Make sure the oatmeal is cooked

12. Meat

Great source of protein! Dogs are carnivores and meat is their favorite

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Lean Ground Beef

  • Chuck Steak or Roast

  • Are animal-based proteins, which help your dog grow up strong

* Rules to apply:

  • Always cook meat well – never serve it raw or undercooked

  • Avoid fatty cuts (including bacon)

  • Cut meat into chunks – ground meat is also an option

  • Old, or spoiled meats are not okay

13. Vegetables
  • Great nature and healthy source of vitamins and fiber

  • Raw veggies grated or finely chopped:

  • Carrot

  • Cucumber – Great for overweight dogs!

  • Hold little to low carbs, fats, or oils

  • Can boost energy levels

  • Full of Vitamins K, C, and B1 – also potassium, copper, magnesium, and biotin

  • Zucchini

  • Lettuce

  • Bell peppers

  • Corn (BE SURE: to cut off the cob)

  • Celery


  • Green beans: Great source of natural plant fiber, and can even be fed frozen

  • Great for dogs that are over weight

  • Low in calories

  • High in vitamins A,K,C and Manganese

  • Proven to improve blood fat levels and cardiovascular benefits

  • Broccoli

* BE SURE: to only feed your dog the stem

The head of the broccoli contains ‘isothiocyanate’, which is a toxin that creates gastrointestinal issues

When consumed in moderation – the stem gives a boost of vitamin C and fiber  - can even help clean your dogs teeth

* Asparagus- (edible but not highly recommended)

Not considered unsafe, but there is no point

Asparagus is too tough to be consumed raw

When cooked down so it is soft enough to consume, it loses the nutrients it contains


  • Hard winter squash

  • Sweet Potatoes- full of nutrients: fiber, beta carotene, vitamins B-6 and C

  • Just like regular potatoes – BE SURE: to only feed your dog when washed, peeled, and cooked

* Avoid sugary sweet potato pies and casseroles

14. Bread and Pretzels​
  • Good for your dog’s gut health (bit-sized bits)

* BE SURE: to not feed your dog raw dough

  • Stay away from salty

15. Fruits

* BE SURE: to stay away from grapes and raisins

Most fruits are ok for your dog

Fresh slices:

  • Banana – in moderation, are a great low-calorie treat

High in potassium, vitamins, biotin, fiber and copper

Low in cholesterol and sodium

Because of high sugar content – bananas should be given as a treat and not as a part of your dog’s regular diet

  • Apple (without seeds)

Great source of Vitamin A and C, as well as fiber

Low in protein and fat – perfect for senior dogs

  • Cantaloupe: Great source of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins A, B complex, C

Also high in fiber, beta-carotene, potassium, and magnesium

1 in cantaloupe wedge is a good size treat

  • Cranberries: Great source for Vitamin C, Fiber and Manganese

Helps fight against urinary tract infections

Balances acid-base in dog’s body

2 tablespoons of stewed cranberries added to your dog’s food is a good size portion

To stew: Put cranberries in a saucepan with water, cover and cook until tender

Put them through a sieve and add to dog food

  • Watermelon – Full of vitamin A, B-6, and potassium

* BE SURE: to remove seeds first

Great treat for your dog on a hot summer day

  • Watermelon is 92% water – keeps your dog hydrated

  • Strawberries: Full of fiber and Vitamin C

They also contain an enzyme that helps whiten your dog’s teeth!

High in sugar – be sure to give in moderation

  • Blueberries- A super food rich in antioxidants

Prevent cell damage in both humans and dogs

Full of fiber and ‘phytochemicals’

Perfect treat to teach your dog how to catch treats in the air!

  • Blackberries: Great source of antioxidants

Contains fiber, manganese, folate, tannin, and polyphenols

Also High in Vitamins C, K, A, and E

2-3 blackberries is a good treat!

  • Orange sections – Make sure to take off peel and seeds

Small dogs can have up to 1/3 meanwhile large dogs can have the whole orange

Source of fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, Vitamins A, C, B1 and B6

  • Pineapple: Full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber

Contains ‘bromelain’, which is an enzyme that makes it easier for your to absorb proteins

A few chunks is a great sweet treat – be sure to remove the outside

  • Pears: Great snack! High in copper, Vitamins C and K, and fiber

Suggested that eating pear can reduce the risk of having a stroke by 50 percent!

* BE SURE: to remove the core and the seeds

Contains ‘cyanide’, which is a chemical that is toxic

Cut pears into bite-size

  • Peaches: Great source of fiber and Vitamin A

Can help fight infections

* BE SURE: to remove the seed and the pit first  

Contains ‘cyanide’, which is a chemical that is toxic

Fresh peaches can be a great summer treat for your dog

Do not feed your dog canned peaches – they contain high amounts of sugary syrups

  • Raspberries – good in small amounts

Contain antioxidants

Low in sugar and calories

High in fiber, manganese, and Vitamin C

Especially good for senior dogs

  • Raspberries contain anti-inflammatory properties, which help take pain and pressure from joints

Watch out: this fruit contains a small amount of the toxin ‘xylitol’

* BE SURE: to limit your dog less than a cup at a time

  • Mango- Vitamin rich

Contains 4 different vitamins: vitamins A, B6, C, and E

They also have potassium and both beta-carotene and alpha carotene

* BE SURE: to remove the hard pit first – contains small amounts of cyanide can also become a choking hazard

  • Home-made Treat (Sweet Potato Jerky):

Scrub and skin sweet potatoes

Slice them into ½ inch strips

Put the strips on a parchment-lined cookie sheet

Bake at 225 F for 3-4 hours

Can leave for longer if you want crunchier treats

  • Use toys like a Kong to get your dog to work for his food

* BE SURE: Your dog’s Kong has more than one opening to prevent it from becoming a suction

  • Remove any plug it may have that could become a choking hazard

  • Fill the toy with food and let your dog lick it out – they well spend hours

  • Great way to keep them occupied while giving them a healthy treat

Home-made Treats you can fill your Kong:

1) Scramble an egg and add grated bell pepper, and tomato chunks – serve warm

2) Put a spoonful of cooked oatmeal into the Kong

  • Layer on canned or cooked pumpkin puree and plain yogurt

  • Crush a bit of low-fat graham cracker on top

  • Serve warm or frozen

  • Too much holiday food is a recipe for a dog in distress – you can give your dog a small sized taste of what your cooking

  • Cooked turkey, green beans, and cooked sweet potato can be added to your dogs regular food

  • Skip table scraps – they may contain foods your dog shouldn’t have (milk, onions, garlic)

  • Keep chocolate and cocktails out of reach

Holiday Foods to Share and Skip​
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