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What makes a “super” food? 


  • Edibles deliver the maximum amount of nutrients with minimum calories

  • Nutritionally dense foods that pack a lot of healthful benefits into a serving (Helps fight disease, boost energy and maintain good health overall)

  • Pumpkin – promotes proper digestion

  • Cranberry – helps maintain urinary tract health

  • Spearmint – soothes digestion

  • Carrot – boosts eye health

  • Apple – supports overall health

  • Watercress – promotes healthy immune system

  • Celery – sustains healthy immune system

  • Parsley – supports bone and immune system health

  • Almond Oil – supports overall health

  • Beets – boosts immune system

  • Sesame oil – supports overall health

  • Blueberry – helps maintain optimal health

  • Chicory Root – Prebiotic for proper digestion

  • Dried Kelp – contains iodine for thyroid function

  • Spinach – Sustains healthy immune system

  • Salmon oil – supports overall health

  • Broccoli – aids in energy production

  • Thyme- supports growth and immune system function

  • Rosemary – rich in antioxidants

  • Lentil – supports digestive and heart health

  • Kale – good source of antioxidants and helps the liver detoxify the body – has anti-inflammatory properties

  • Sweet Potatoes – keeps immunes system strong

  • Fish – great for the skin, coat, and brain as well as limit inflammatory processes that cause arthritic pain

  • Only fishes such as: herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, and anchovies

  • Chia seeds  - antioxidant – includes fiber, omega fatty acids and calcium

  • Quinoa- potent antioxidant and reduces risk of diabetes

  • Yogurt – Improves gut function

  • Eggs – help the eyes, brain and heat – can help as a stomach-soother for dogs who have low appetite

Dog Super Foods

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